Global Intelligence Strategy Algorithm



       The main way by which a country will surpass its own position in the global economic hierarchy is that of the real economy.

       Each state should have a development strategy that must depend on the trends of evolution of the global economy and on the instructed human resource.

       Only after a complex examination of the global economy, there can be identified the segments and the niches that need investments.

       By the importance of the information linked to the global economy, an economic identity can find out its place in the economic hierarchy depending on the 380 indicators.

       With the help of the algorithm and of the indicators, you can find out the economic start-ups determined by the increasing and decreasing of the monetary supply.

       Each indicator is more or less linked to the 102 factors of influence and interference.

       Most of the 380 indicators are interconnected and cannot be analyzed singularly.

       With the help of the algorithm, we can identify whether the economy is growing, falling or in a deep crisis.

       There is no indicator that does not correlate with some of the other indicators. All the correlations identify the economic phenomenon.

       The algorithm can only be used to identify and formulate economic strategies.

       Let's analyze together the most intelligent Global Economic Strategies of the last two centuries.